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Paragliding sport is a recreational activity that solicits much the mind and intellect.
Between 2 flights pilots spend their time scanning the sky, they joke and sometimes they defy each others with some riddles.
For lovers of these joyful moments shared in the collective resolution of a brain challenge,
here are some enigmas that I propose , for ' Wander'Airs'2015 .
The questions are really simple but until today and for over 2 years now playing this funny and fascinating game,
nobody has been yet able to answer me.
Good luck! Your devoted servant and teacher, Serge .

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So we all believe that the Sun indicates noon, (12H00) like a clock, at mid'day, the whole year and everywhere around the'globe',
The Earth spinning on itself and orbiting the Sun precisely every 24 hours at the same time.
Question: Isn't it schematically impossible, logically absurd and strictly grotesque?

Spinning Earth
Science explains us we are living on a blue ballet called planet Earth (ball-et or plane-t then?)
wich whirls round at a tremendeous speed, in suspension within the infinite vacuum...
- The density of Earth and the one of the atmosphere are so close that everything turn at the same speed??
- 14000km/s in additionnal speed, refering to the last precise scientific calculations:
Did we already crossed the sound barrier? The maths will easily explain us why there is a little delay?
- If the Earth rotates at such a speed, why when do i jump vertically i land back at the exact same place?

Earth's rotation
Planes that fly backwards ?

The Earth is about 41000kms on the ecuator line; it accomplishes its revolution in 24 hours ;
For a ground speed on the ecuator line of 1650km/h,
- 11km / sol = altitude at which air-liners fly and where the law of the ' gravity ' acts only on the top 20% of our atmosphere ,
under the law of the decrease in pressure as a function of altitude;
spinning speed 11000m/ground = 2250km/h, (Earth diameter + 11000m /24)

Let's chose a plane, for example 'flight MH370' of the Malaysian Airlines wich goes from Quito towards Singapour,
from west to east therefore, on the ecuator line at 11000m/ground
at the speed of 1000 km/h:
Result: The logical difference, 2250-1000=1250km/h.
So this plane will fly backwards at the speed of1250km/h?

Same question but far less complicated!
Have you ever seen planes flying backwards?
No? Then why, when we turn much faster than planes in flight in the same direction as Earth in its rotation around the axis of the poles ?


Parapent pilots my friends, here's one of my favorites, the Coriolis effect, we all studied !

You may be one of those who have never understood anything to the magical kangaroo?
Who missed their french Federal paraglider pilot's license for a few points?
Science and our sublime Federation in his works remind us that:
The Coriolis effect stipulates that any moving body in the northern hemisphere and not grounded will shift in its path on the RIGHT, because the Earth rotates, remember?
Take the case of an atmospheric depression: it is a set of associated clouds and rainfall, a large wet body traveling in the northern hemisphere.

How to explain then to alert students that atmospheric depressions in the northern hemisphere rotate in the counterclockwise direction so in a perpetual inflection in their path ... on the LEFT?
From the first second, from the first movement of the first molecule a little unstable, everything spiral to the left, such as dust devils, we see it with our eyes.
Exactly the contrary of the opposite of the reversed law outlined above and vice versa, and we will return.
For 12 years as a paragliding teacher, my 1200 students and i where very concerned about the weather and noone of us have never seen anything spiraling clockwise... Are we all outlaws?

Come back to the repository to solve the previous puzzle. Notions of speed / velocity and air / ground are fundamental.
Remember the compulsory fall rate to remove from the rising speed of the glider in a thermal , etc ...(i'm teasing, l0l).

From a fixed location ,
how can we see the same stars in winter and summer, spring and autumn ...
While we would look in 4 different directions of space ???


We turn around the Sun whirling in its small galaxy spiraling around the center of the universe constantly expanding.
The forces involved are colossal , speeds are inconceivable, distances are almost endless.
Since the Gang-bang (or big bang? I have a mnesic black hole, sry) there is an unimaginable cosmic vortex that propagates into the infinite vacuum.
It's true! Proven! Irrefutable ! And all in all it's so beautiful. (Tears ... What an emotion!)
Except for the North Star .
Since the beginning of time , despite turning in its rotating galaxy, it indicatess us the north.
It was the first puzzle our Elders had to solve.
Riddle : It does not move , will never move , is it then because the half square root of the cube of its speed divided by the mass of the sun = MC2?
Nb : this question was so simple I have long hesitated to submit it to you .


I live in a high Alpine valley where the air is very dry ;
For years the observation of the day and night sky was my favorite occupation.
I had the chance to see hundreds of shooting stars ! They ALL had a downward path .
But if the earth is a sphere, should'nt I logically see some shooting stars rising ?
Rise, emerge from the line of the horizon, in an upward curve ? In equal numbers than the descending ones?
The only existing stars are those of Holywwood ? lOl


The temperature of the interstellar void is estimated close to absolute zero , approximately -271 degrees Celsius.
Question: - The temperature of what?
- What is the nature of the molecules and / or variable and measurable temperature particles that populate the emptiness?

and Sideral coldness!
Cold : -30 Celsius, airports are frozen, the planes are grounded.
-60 Celsius and everything is frozen , life stops ...
how do move and head in interstellar space, probes or a space telescopes, take beautiful pictures of galaxies millions of light years away, then send them back to us in a - 271 celsius environment ?



- Acceleration, deceleration and trajectories of celestial bodies.

Imagine a marathon runner that goes around a cyclist going around a lake.
The runner will have to speed up its course when he overpasses the bike in the direction of the lake then take a large distance to avoid a collision before to turn.
He will then slow down when he'll be in the opposite direction to the cyclist, being overtaken then speed up again until the next overpass, etc ..
(Yes he should be spinning on himself at the same time, like the bike rider, but it would become hard to reproduce that experiment in the real life, lol)

All these dizzying travel speeds in the infinite cosmos of space are given by SCIENCE as constant.
While logically and scientifically all these tremendeous speeds are submitted to perpetual and fantastic variations?..
Uuuh, it is too hard for your brain? No one could comprehend what i mean here? And who cares?
Should i dare to say BRAVO to all the english speaking people of the world for how brave you seem to be?


Space again
On what support a space telescope is able to propel , move and head into the interstellar void ?
Question: Will it fall forever ?...

NASA Official
There are small blue and big red planets , star nurseries, fantastic heaps and black holes, gigantic purple gas clouds, white dwarves, supernovae...

How the hell can I only see small yellow spots everywhere? And less small yellow dots with my telescope F = 800mm ?
If the sun is a star why stars are star shaped as the sun is round ? A perfect circle?
Am i the only one to daily watch the Sun with my naked eyes and to see that it is pure white, with no flares or stains?
Are you really ALL insane?

Merry Interlude: Let's laugh together with our Great Scientists, they have a facetious mood and such an unbelievable humor!
When they are photographed, Great Scientists are able, carefully watching the flash light with a magicscope, to give you the name of the camera, the one of the photographer , their respective distance and chemical composition, lol.


When the interests of all humanity converge for the true and the best , leaving the trivial quarrels ground .

Wednesday, november 12th, 2014: Scoop!
The robot lab ' Philae ' about to land on a comet !
Question: Does the photpgraphe who just took this perfect shot will also land on it?

HUBBLE Selfie!

Into the vast sidereal void ,

still without moon, stars or spotlights, but where are the 26780 listed and known active satellites ?

A series of puzzles can be red as a collection of funny stories ;
Funnily curious and curiously strange , actually. Hilarious.
No need to have an answer to proceed to the next puzzle.


This conundrum is FANTASTIC !

(It focuses once again on the incredible humor of theinternational Scientific community , our beloved Genii !)

- Left picture: Comet 67P / Tchourioumov - Gerasimenko .
( The Rosetta probe and lander Philae , the extraordinary feat of our Europ.Space.Agency!)
- Right photo : a classic comet, as I observed in the night sky. It happens every 50 years since millions of centuries and its tail is composed for 94% of ice.
Assumption : It took 3 billion years and a long and complex process for water (H2O) to appear on Earth, and generates LIFE.
Question: Oh really??

So there would be some invisible frozen oceans, which would disperse their ice into space since the infinity of ages, from these bits of seemingly very dry rocks? !


all these riddles


Valid for one person,
and on the

spot of the WORLD you choose !

teacher's directive:

Let's be fair play !

Invectives like ' straitjacket', 'stop smoking the carpet', 'go work asshole', 'you'd better cut your 2 hands before writing such crap!', 'illiterate idiot , etc. ..' do not serve the real debate .
This is about opposing arguments to confront ideas. No emotion please, let's stick to the right, contenting ourselves with observable facts.
Pathos Logos Vs . Thank you.


Our fascinating satellite!

Official Theory :
the moon is approximately 1.5 billion years older than our solar system.
Carbon 14 dating of lunar rocks reported to earth by the Apollo Missions formally attests it.
Born of an explosion - spray - ejection from ages and confines of the universe,
after a crazy slalom through billions of galaxies with their trillions of stars and giant black holes deep for over a quadridririllion light-years ...but,suddenly: BOOM!
The moon crashes onto our Earth, pulverizes , bounces , is reuniting again, jump to the sky and starts to turn around us without ever revealing its dark side.
Incredible. No, really.

The Sun and the Moon have in common , seen with our primitive Human eyes:
- Size,
- Shape,
- Colour (Sun strictly intense pure white and moon pale stained yellow)
- Rise in the East and fall in the West..
- Same apparent speed of movement. Slightly faster to the sun, okay.
- Same apparent distance.
- Question:
What could explain this surprising similarity when they have to be SO different from each other?

Perfect eclipses
The moon is 400,000 x smaller than the sun and 400,000 times closer to us ;
(the last decimal is however to be confirmed) which explains the perfect eclipses.
Do you usually believe in E.T.R.A.O.R.D.I.N.A.R.Y. coincidences?


- Left picture
The moon like it appears in our sky to the east. Independently of the time of day or night .
- Right picture
The moon like it disappears in our sky to the west.


Our moon rotates in the direction of clockwise, its north pole becoming south pole at the end of the run.

- Riddle

Is it the north lunar pole or the south lunar pole , visible in the center of the image?

Lunatic riddles?

- How can you see with the naked eye craters located at 385000 kms ?
While at 3500m above sea level one can rarely distinguishe the Mount Blanc located within 200 km of Jausiers in a straight line ?
- What explains its extraordinary brightness ?
- What does this behemoth in our geostationary orbit ?
- Why is it filled with craters? We flew over dozens of different countries , we never saw one on the surface of our earth?
- Why its revolution is done in 29 days while we need 24 hours on earth?
- If the speed is proportional to the volume , how fast the sun rotates ?
- The SCIENCE tells me that the moon is a ball I can only see one side ?? Is it a joke?
- I'm demanding here, very humbly but OFFICIALLY to the Science of the mathematics:

'-how many sides has a ball?'

When we see in the same sky the moon and the sun , we do NOT we stand on the light path of the sun; So we are not between the sun and the moon.
A sphere is a sphere . So why can we see rising or diving moon crazy crescents, sometimes left, sometimes right beside the sun, in the sky of day or night?

Astronauts, spationautes and cosmonauts.

- How did the astronauts manage to come back?
- Where was prepositioned their return rocket?
- Expensive ticket? Impeccable service on board?
- With the only driving force of the lunar module from the Moon to the Pacific Ocean??
- With an atmospheric engine ... without any atmosphere up there?
We all salute the extraordinary precision of the initial support of the lunar module during the moon sand take off, and direct flightpath to the west coast : in fact, as soon as this little capsule left the lunar ground, it was the big vacuum.
- Module weight ? Including 3 astronauts + 3 days food + 1 room with walls made of 1 meter thick lead to withstand fatal GAMMA rays from the VAN HALEN belt and solar flares , + fuel and card game?

Monitor tip:
This riddles 2015 list should only make you smile. Everyone knows that the answers are obvious, aren't they?
However these puzzles annoy most of you all, Ican feel it. Because life is so beautiful! There is sex , football , music, facebook!
It's not like if there were billions of our Euros in the balance, plus violence, madness, misery and chaos everywhere ...
Or our reason failing into insanity because of our brains that descend from monkeys plus the primary survivor reptilian brain wich we got out of the primeval ocean?


Our Earth is a sphere?

When looking at the sea from a hill, or when flying high above the ground, the horizon lie before our eyes..
This horizon forms a large arc of horizontal circle around us as if we were on a large plate.

Question: Should not we see a big descending bow?

Left picture: From a plane, the horizon is flat.
Right picture: photo type 'Fish eye lens', as we should see it!


Easy Top: Why there is no Antarctica on this UN flag?
What is this strange geography, our Earth spread on a disk ?

Now the best of all! That will sound the death knell of this paradigm.

Is a channel located in Egypt, 120 miles long, 918 to 1131 feet wide and 72 feet deep, which connects the harbor city of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Suez on the Red Sea. This junction built in 1860 allows ships to avoid the long detour via the southern tip of Africa.
Important recall: Mediterrannean sea and the Red sea are happily both located at the sea level.
The math for the Earth curvature tells us that for 2 points far for 120 miles to each other, the difference of height will be 1,84 miles!
h1 = 9589 feet on the scheme below.
This canal should rise for 4250 feet before to descend again to the sea level, to link the 2 seas...


- How many locks do we have on this canal to allow super tankers to pass these unavoidable 4250 feet?
- Or hot sand cliffs wich surround this canal are 1,84 miles above the water at their top elevation?

Coach confession
Check on Google, 'Earth Curve Calculator'. Useless to become a trisogonometrical student as i've been, searching angles from an imaginary center of the Earth, lol.
I know, it is unstoppable... When high-tech violates the laws of Science...


This is serious.

The force that keeps billion of tons of liters of water of the oceans stucked on the crust land , but allows a little dragonfly to fly?

By the way...
What does mean this 'Y' shaped red cameleon tongue on the NASA emblem?

Shall we go from little ssecrets to big revelations together , all together, before long?

Fellows, here is the Supreme Being !
The gigantic IQ who invented E = MC2!
The revolutionary theory of relativity and quantum incredible applications ....
Am i the only one to see here a first-class buffoon?

Enigma:How is it possible that you are all kneeling before this grotesque farce ?
Such an emotion, always, at the contemplation of this perfect face of ... Pure Intelligence?

- So why am I taking this risk alone to treat my 7,5billions dear contemporaries of idiots ?
- But because if all celestial bodies are linked by this mysterious magnetic Force that attract and repel them all in a 46 billions light-years volume ...
Well when one of our rocket is going to the moon , this implies that there MUST be an impact , even tiny adjustments throughout the whole system, isn't it?
They will be happy the little green men from distant galaxies to have to adjust the time on their clocks when here on Earth we try an intersidexperiment.lol.
Do we not take the major risk to irritate them... a little bit?

My answer:
That is more than enough. I could go on for pages to demonstrate the total absurdity of the belief system in which we are held.
So I would live among 7,5 billions idiots , cowards or liars ? Traitors? In love with the death and abusing an ignorant herd?
All or only most of you know that the earth is not spinning?
But what unspeakable Sssecret takes you to the point of having to condone and defend these monumental nonsense that impose religion SCIENCE ?
These riddles are the key to open the door of a new reality, to lift the old veil and to live a better world.
What's your problem when our Earth is dying of frenetic growth, bombs and madness ?
It's scary , I 'm very worried about you ...
Because It will be difficult for me to find the room to lock you all and the time to heal you all as well.
- Ok, i'll try, i'll do my best, lOl.


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that:
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers..

Am I the only one or the last one of my specie?
The only FREE MAN on Earth?

Besides, this is my FAVORITE ENIGMA :
I swear I am a real 100% alive true Human Being.
Who could swear he/she is a real 100% alive true Human Being, as well?
If not, why not??

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